Current Employment Statistics Trend Downward

Employment Statistics for Hard Times

The only way to talk about employment these days is really to talk about unemployment. It’s a sad fact, but something that needs to be addressed because even though the rate is on the rise, it isn’t raising quickly enough and many people are struggling.  Many people have been out of work for a long time; the standard is over 27 weeks because that is where unemployment benefits end.  That number has stayed at 5.5 million and when you look at it like that, it’s actually 42.3% of the entire unemployed workforce.

The reason behind these numbers is that there are just simply fewer employment options for people.  There are almost 5.6 million jobs less than in the year 2008 and that’s why people are having such a hard time.  If there are no employment options for people what exactly are they supposed to do?  When a fast food chain offered 2 positions a few years ago there was a line of people that went and wrapped around the block.  These are not fast food workers who are applying for these positions either.  These are people with masters’ degrees and doctorate degrees who cannot find work in their own fields and are willing to swallow their pride and take any job that allows them to help their families.

There is good news on the horizon, though because through a very good effort between the government and local business owners there has been almost twice as many employment options were added to the job market this year than they really expected.  In 2011 we really did start to hit a stride, and the market has gone up and down but the outlook is good when it comes to employment and getting people who have been out of work for a long time to get back to work.  That’s the main goal of everyone in America is to get people working once more so that they can stop taking federal aid and start supporting their families once again.

Employment is a hot button issue when it comes to many people and it is one of the mainly focused on subjects in the senate simply because it has to get fixed.  The good news is that the employment rate is going up with the unemployment rate sitting at 7.7% and that’s way up from last year at this time.  Now mind you the numbers can look a bit strange when you add up the people they aren’t counting in these studies which include people who hadn’t looked for work over the last 4 weeks before taking the survey, but things are still hopeful.

The biggest rise that we’ve seen in these trends and which different kinds of jobs are on the rise seems to be professional and business service and then health care jobs.  Those two have hit quite a stride and are truly on the rise which is good for people wanting to go back to work or who are just stepping out of their college doors.  Many people worry that colleges will be effected simply because it seems that people come out of college with a huge debt and unable to find work in their fields.  That is truly changing and that’s a good thing for everyone who has been watching these trends.

Fields of employment which have sort of remained the same have been food manufacturing, chemicals, vehicles and parts.  These have really remained in their slump but that won’t last forever.  We have a strong steady workforce who are willing to go back to work and that will allow for a better economy and a better way of life for everyone involved.

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